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  All 24 of our shoeboxes were collected  on 24th October where they were presented and blessed at our 11am service before being sent on their way to Eastern Europe.  After they leave us they go to our local representatives in Wickham Market; they are then transported on to Link Romania's HQ in Worthing, unloaded, checked and reloaded on to the delivery lorries -the aim is to get them to Eastern Europe before the weather makes the roads impassable.  So you see, the deadline seems early but a lot needs to happen to the shoeboxes before they reach their destination.

If you would like to take part in the Appeal you must have an information leaflet first.  This will give you ideas about what to put in your box and, perhaps more importantly, what you cannot include.  Leaflets will be left in Church or you can get them from Jenny Hill at Forge Cottage, Pottery Hill - tel: 01359 251499.


2009 was a record year for the Link Romania Shoebox Appeal - 46,755 shoeboxes full of good things were sent on their way to bring happiness to families in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Albania; 24 of these came from the Hepworth Benefice.  Once again the deliverers met with children who had no shoes, let alone toys; families living in almost derelict apartment blocks with bare floorboards and one mattress for the entire family; elderly men and women left destitute in poverty stricken villages as the young folk leave to find work elsewhere; and disabled and handicapped children who are isolated with no support.  Can you imagine the happiness that one gaily wrapped shoebox full of small gifts can bring to people living in such extremity?  Will you help to spread a little happiness in 2010? 



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