There was hardly a spare seat at this year's Harvest Festival where Mike Trash had something to appeal to all of us in his talk on smoked kippers, buttery toast, the endangered blue butterfly and our responsibilities as caretakers of God's creation.  Mike Trash runs a unit of Red Poll Cattle near Harleston and hopes to return to give a talk at next year's Lent Course.  The Church was beautifully decorated by Fiona Gibbs, Jenny Hill, Pam Smith and Ann Telford.  Amanda Cannon provided the stunning 'Turks Turbans' and other Gourds.  The church came alive to the organ playing of Richard Telford.

Many generous donation were made for the London City Mission on October 3rd - thank you!.  There were some superb items of clothing donated including new socks, boxer shorts, coats and 'T' shirts.  All the items of clothing were very very gratefully received on our visit to the centre.  Heavier items of food etc are being taken by car later in the month.  The centre depend upon these harvest donations to last until May 2010!  So thank you, everyone.

Thank you, also, to all contributors of plants, and traditional produce etc

Photos courtesy of Guy Hatten