Easter Vigil 2009

St Margaret's

Easter Vigil at St Margaret's.  Easter Saturday, this year, started with our volunteers adorning the church with delightful and delicate spring flowers.  The beautiful Easter Cross, which lay across the altar, was decorated by Amanda Cannon.  At 2.00pm Richard Telford read the whole Gospel of St Matthew, in his beautiful baritone voice. This was a  marathon reading, at one sitting,  which took 3 hours and raised money for St Margaret's.  A recording was made to CD - thanks to Gavin Thorrold and CEG Theatre Service - sales of the CD will be used for church funds.  This was followed at 8.00pm by a special evening service, led by Peter Gibbs.  The congregation walked up a candlelit pathway and awaited the service in darkness.  The vigil began in silence, symbolising the events of the last few days and the grief and bewilderment and fear of the disciples.  Along with candles, and Holy Water  (A few drops were added to the font from the River Jordan) we sang The Gloria and listened to Peter sing a commanding performance of The Exsultet, an Easter Proclamation.  It was lovely to hear the live music of the organ which was played by Richard Telford and to see the church lit by the warm glow of candles.  The service was attended by members from the churches in our benefice along with our friends from Wattisfield URC