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At Wattisfield C of E  a beautiful basket of pale pink and cream flowers adorned the chancel of the church for two baptisms on Sunday 12th October.  It was a real joy for the regular congregation to see such a full church for the christening of Sady and Beatrice during morning worship - even the back pews were used.  Although it is not a requirement for children to be perfectly behaved during services it has to be said that all the youngsters present were a credit to their families and listened attentively to everything that was happening.  The Revd John Fulton excels at celebrations such as weddings and baptisms and led a service full of symbolism with candles and holy water.   A short sermon centred around a large poster of Rembrandt's painting of 'The Prodigal Son' and three children answered the quiz correctly to win colouring crayons.  Several people remarked on the children's corner with its soft blue carpet (thanks to Jean Marchant!), Ikea furniture, beanbags, Early Learning Centre toys and a Brio train set.  One parent also offered her services as a Sunday School helper.  This will be a great encouragement to Peter and Fiona Gibbs who are hoping to get Sunday School going soon, if only on a monthly basis.

Autumn Baptism

12th October 2008